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We Make Sense means:

We – the `we’ is important, it is about your relationship, your family. also: we do it together. not one person is the problem, the problem is the problem, and we work together to learn how to deal with it.

Make – together we create, we investigate, write a (new) story, and experience. therapy is about working together, towards a better understanding, to investigate and experience new outcomes.

Sense – you as a couple, you as a family matter, that’s why you come to therapy: it is too important to simply let go. we also make sense, give new meaning to what you have experienced, and heal from injuries.

My practice for couples therapy and family therapy is open for the english-speaking. English is not my mother-tongue, but i do master it sufficiently. I reside in Rotterdam (city center). For signing up or inquiries go to the contact page.

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